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"A bravura feat of bearing witness. McGrath’s all-seeing eye ranges across borders and through wormholes in the culture. These essays illuminate a fractured age with the arc and blaze of signal flares."

-Wells Tower, author of Everything Ravaged, Everything Burned

"In this lively collection, Will McGrath moves between different communities—indie wrestlers, people experiencing homelessness, diamond miners in Lesotho—with thoughtfulness and care. McGrath illuminates other lives, and by so doing, invites us to deeper inquiry of our own."

-Joni Tevis, author of The World Is on Fire

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"It’s been a while since I’ve fallen this hard for nonfiction. McGrath’s experiences among the charming, vibrant citizens of Lesotho and the wit, warmth, and writerly spark with which he puts them on the page make for a scrumptious literary chakalaka (see page 100)."

-Mary Roach, NYT-bestselling author of Stiff, Packing for Mars, and Fuzz

"Subtle, witty, and well-observed, McGrath’s narrative is...a memorable love letter to the remote African kingdom that stole his heart. A warmly humane memoir."

-Kirkus Reviews

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"Drawing on the authors’ in-depth experience in the small, landlocked southern African country of Lesotho comes this gem of a book—at once funny and sad, inspiring and sobering. Beginning with the simple but powerful premise that AIDS is a kinship disease, Infected Kin combines gripping narrative and astute analysis to tell human stories that both capture and enlighten the reader."

-Daniel Jordan Smith, author of AIDS Doesn't Show Its Face

"This is a moving account of suffering, yes—but its riveting story includes joy and, above all, inspiration. The authors’ narrative of love, labor, and loss in southern Africa weaves the charms of poetic prose (McGrath) with the insights of social science (Block). Together, they offer a lament for global inequality in the 21st century, while also celebrating the human spirit."

-Alma Gottlieb and Philip Graham, authors of Parallel Worlds

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